The Cyber Consultant

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Consulting


Cybersecurity is for everyone. Whether you’re an individual or a large corporation, cybersecurity effects your daily life. Protect yourself and your organization with cybersecurity awareness training.

Digital Media

Digital media is not just social media. We teach you how to navigate all forms of digital media to create a well rounded digital presence.

Data Privacy and protection

Protecting the digital data of yourself, your employees, and your clients is extremely important. We will teach you the best practices for securing and managing your digital data.


As a business owner, you aim to manage risk in every aspect of your organization. Cyber risk is just as important to manage and assess.

Got the Digital Heebie-Jeebies?

We help you protect your data privacy and cybersecurity, so you can focus on what matters to you.

Secure Website Design & Development

Landing Pages

For any business looking for an affordable, yet effective way to highlight your business offerings online.

WordPress websites

For businesses looking to take their online presence to the next level with a completely custom website. Our WordPress experts have over 10 years of experience to make your digital dreams a reality.

Shopify websites

Just getting started with e-Commerce and want to be up and running as soon as possible? You’re in the right place.

Online Courses

Digital courses are all the rage right now, and we want to help you launch yours. Let us take care of the tech, so you can focus on teaching.

As a business owner, it's hard to keep up with digital rules, regulations, and trends.

We’re the team you need to execute your vision and keep your company compliant and ahead of the trends.

Digital Marketing

Logo Design

Whether you’re starting a new brand or working to refresh an established one, our Custom Logo Design Package will bring your vision to life.

Graphic design

Our graphic packages will elevate your online presence with a designs that are cohesive and unique to your brand. Post your heart out and watch your customers fall in love with your custom brand image.

Digital Advertisement

Want to start using paid advertising for your business but are unsure how? No problem, we provide social media ads on all platforms including FB, IG, Pinterest, and Linkedin while ensuring data privacy protocols are followed.

Business cards

Your business card is how you represent your brand to the world. Represent it in style with our custom business card packages.