The Cyber Consultant

The Cyber Consultant Pen w/ Stylus

The Cyber Consultant Pen w/ Stylus



Show off how tech savvy you are in style with The Cyber Consultant’s sleek, metallic rose gold stylus pen. The black rubber mosaic/jigsaw pattern on the grip is eye-catching and will keep your hand comfortable while you write.

The grip is balanced by a sleek black pocket clip and stylus. To complete the look, this textured grip pen with stylus top has a metallic barrel finish and chrome-colored accents at the click top and nose cone.



  • Tech-Friendly Stylus
  • Mosaic Pattern Grip
  • Stylish Rose Gold
  • Sleek Pocket Clip
  • Modern Chrome Accents

Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 5.5 in