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Cyber Curiosity

A Beginner's Guide to Cybersecurity

About the Book

Every year, thousands of people fall victim to phone scams, phishing attacks, and identity theft. But these attacks are completely preventable if you practice cybersecurity awareness.

Many associate cybersecurity with large corporations, so why is it important for you? Cyber Curiosity: A Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity—How to Protect Yourself in the Modern World answers this through the stories of individuals and corporations alike. You will learn exactly why you should keep separate passwords and how cyber crimes are committed. 

You will read about:

Cyber Curiosity breaks down these stories and pulls in the experts to help equip you with the tools needed to bolster your own cybersecurity awareness. It’s not all about the big tech data breaches on the news—cybersecurity is about making the right decisions to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your information.

"In the modern world, protecting our devices is protecting our lives."

-quote from Cyber Curiosity

The Research

Featuring Exclusive Insights From Industry Experts

Learn the secrets they use to protect themselves and their loved ones, so you can approach cybersecurity like a pro.

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The Cyber Curiosity Mindset

The 3 Cs of Cyber Curiosity

We don’t approach cybersecurity as a checkmark on an annual company evaluation.

The Cyber Curiosity Mindset is a change in the way that you approach cybersecurity.



To become cyberaware, you must learn the risks associated with your online actions. This includes learning about common cybersecurity threats, cybercrimes, and how you can avoid them.​



Take a moment to stop and think before you take any action while online. Practicing caution lowers the likelihood you will fall victim to scams, disclose sensitive information, or open a malicious file.



The Internet was made for boundless creativity, free expression, and new experiences. It was made to be enjoyed! The point of learning about taking responsibly for your personal cybersecurity is to make the Internet more enjoyable, not less.

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