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About The Cyber Consultant

The Cyber Consultant’s mission is to help corporations exceed data security and privacy compliance & regulation standards to create organizations with cybersafety in their DNA. Using assessments, educational resources, and protection measures, we ensure that corporations have the cybersecurity and data privacy practices necessary to conduct business with and collect information from their clients. We provide exceptional cyber security trainings, workshops, and seminars for employees, leadership, and the public. We help companies prevent legal action, repuation loss, and cyber threats using comprehensive education and resources, while exceeding client expectations. 


When I was a college freshman, I walked into my intro-level computer science class, excited to learn how to really code.


I sat down at the front of the class a few seats down from a boy, with his laptop open already coding away. I glanced at him and smiled. He grimaced back while trying to hide his screen, like I was trying to steal his code.


That scene summarizes the current state of the tech community. Everyone is so busy trying to “hide their answers” from other people, and no one is willing to share their knowledge with anyone outside of the community.


But that’s no fun!


I believe that everyone that seeks knowledge should have access to it. Complex tech jargon shouldn’t act as a barrier between everyday people and tech concepts.


Because that’s just not fair!


That’s why it’s my mission to combine my knack for communication with my tech savvy to give everyone access to the wonderful wonders of the digital realm.


It all started in a small town in Mississippi...

Lakeidra Smith is a two-time published author, founder of The Cyber Consultant, LLC, and tech thought-leader who helps professionals create a safe, inviting, and fun digital presence for their brand. 


Lakeidra was born and raised in Mississippi in a household that was anything but ordinary. With 4 generations living under the same roof, Lakeidra learned to thrive in chaos and communicate effectively to people of all ages. 


After her older sister taught her how to use the computer, at age 3, she was off to the races. One of her favorite pastimes became using the computer. It was the era of dial-up Internet, but she still managed to explore the World Wide Web and even “accidentally” order a printer or two.


However, she didn’t see it as a career path at the time. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, the answer evolved from actress to dancer to teacher to fashion designer and even President. 


Over the years, she continued to love technology and everything that she could create with it. The computer was like a magic box with infinite treasures inside to behold. Then, in 2020, Lakeidra discovered her purpose.

It Prepared her for this moment...

After minoring in cyber criminology at UA, she realized the importance of cyber safety. She wanted to spread this awareness to people who typically could not access this information due to a lack of technical knowledge or resources. She began writing her debut book, Cyber Curiosity: A Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity, that summer where she aimed to eliminate the barriers of technical lingo that often keep important information away from non-tech savvy people.


Soon after, she founded her own business tech consulting firm, BusiBliss Consulting. Her mission with BusiBliss was to provide products and services to help professionals and business owners navigate the complex world of tech. 


She is a master problem-solver, creative powerhouse, and skillful communicator. Her impressive and diverse business background allows her to comprehend complex business problems and use her technical knowledge to create innovative solutions, while communicating messages effectively between technical and non-technical professionals. 


Lakeidra writes and speaks about how businesses can leverage technology and digital tools to achieve their goals while keeping their company safe from online attacks. She will empower you to be confident in your digital skillset and create digital spaces you’re proud of.


Lakeidra currently resides in Huntsville, AL with her fiance and their Yorkie pup. In her free time, you can find her putting her spin on a new recipe, tackling a new DIY project, or teaching herself a new skill.


I'm that girl that can help your business achieve its digital goals.