The Cyber Consultant

Hi, I'm Lakeidra!

The Cyber Consultant

Lakeidra Smith is a digital consultant, two-time published author, and public speaker.

Lakeidra helps empower people and businesses by helping them learn about cybersecurity using scientifically proven techniques and strategies. Her commitment to cyberawareness is changing the way businesses approach their digital presence.

She is a master problem-solver and skillful communicator. Her impressive and diverse business background allows her to comprehend complex business problems and use her technical knowledge to create innovative solutions, while communicating messages effectively between technical and non-technical professionals.

In her free time, you can find her spending time with her friends, baking cupcakes, or tackling a new DIY project.

Skills and Training:

Digital Solutions
Web Development
Digital Marketing

Our Mission dEFINES US

Using my communication and tech savvy skills, I’m that girl that can help your business create a safe, inviting, and fun digital presence.

Our Vision sets us apart

I am a young, black female professional with extensive experience in cybersecurity, digital marketing, and communication. I see myself as a very passionate, nerdy, expressive, and determined creator and thought leader.

The Cyber Consultant, LLC believes in access to information. We envision a world where anyone who desires access to knowledge can obtain it freely.

We are passionate about increasing digital literacy among under-served populations by making it more accessible. We accomplish this by eliminating the barrier of technical lingo.

We provide services to business owners who either lack the technical knowledge to achieve their vision or do not have the time to invest into their digital presence.

We seek to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and digital literacy, so the bad of the Internet never outweighs the good.