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Need a digital presence that will wow clients?

Have no idea how you’d ever accomplish that?

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I’m that girl that can help your business create a safe, showstopping digital presence.

Hi, I'm Lakeidra!

When I was a 18-year old college freshman, I walked into my intro-level computer science class, super excited to learn how to really code.

I sat down at the front of the class a few seats down from a boy, with his laptop open already coding away. I glanced at him and smiled. He grimaced back, while trying to hide his screen, like I was going to steal his code before the class had even started.

That scene summarizes how I see the tech community currently. Everyone is so busy trying to “hide their answers” from other people and no one is willing to share their knowledge with anyone outside of the community.

But that’s no fun!

I believe that everyone that seeks knowledge should have access to it. Technical lingo and jargon shouldn’t act as a barrier between everyday people understanding tech concepts.

Because that’s just not fair!

That’s why it’s my mission to combine my knack for communication with my tech savvy to give everyone access to the wonderful wonders of the digital realm.

Simply put, I’m that girl that helps your business create a safe, inviting, fun digital presence.


How We Do it

going digital has never been easier

Lakeidra Smith aka The Cyber Consultant is a two-time published author, digital consultant, public speaker, and self-proclaimed chef. Lakeidra helps empower businesses by helping them create a safe, inviting, and fun digital presence with all the fluff and tech jargon.

Lakeidra is a young millennial, and she always has her finger on the pulse of what’s hot in cyber – from software recommendations to innovative social media strategies – she’s your girl.

Her commitment to cyberawareness is changing the way individuals and corporations approach digital data privacy and security. She literally wrote the book on cybersecurity awareness, equipping people like you with the tools to not only survive – but thrive – in the everchanging digital landscape.